Travalo Milano


Travalo Milano AKC000
Travalo USA
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Supreme HD Performance, Faux Leather Finish, 65 sprays, 5.0 ml

Refills In Seconds

Travalo refills directly from a standard perfume bottle. With out patented system, fragrance is never affected by exposure to the air and decants magically from one sealed bottle into another in just a few seconds, without any assembly or parts.

Supreme HD Performance

Travalo Milano features an incredible new High definition spray head. It atomizes fragrance into a wonderful clouf od mist that is even more surprising given the Milano's diniutive, pocketable size. It truly must be experienced to be appreciated -- you may well never use the original bottle to dispense fragrance again!

A Touch Of Luxury

Travalo Milano is finished in a luxurious and durable leatherette, with finely crafted metal parts. Perfectly weighted and balanced, the Travalo Milano feels special the moment you touch it, and is designed to last.

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